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I re-watched the 1971 stalker classic “Play Misty for Me” the other day and was struck by something.

Sure, most of the movie’s focus is on the psycho fan/girlfriend and Clint Eastwood’s reaction to her. But in several scenes, the eye is just as surely drawn to Clint’s bright gold pants.

Yes, gold pants.

Gold was all the rage in the early ’70s. Interestingly, 1971 was the year that the gold standard was demolished by President Nixon in the U.S. But in the fashion and design world, the color gold had reached a zenith. In many ’70s homes, appliances were gold (or else “avocado” green, yuck) and bathroom fixtures were gold. When I was a youngster, my parents installed gold carpet in our house. So why not pants, even on a macho guy like Clint?

I used to disdain gold. I remember ripping out that old carpet with some glee. But now, I’ve seen a gold revival emerging in the design world, and inspired by its long-forgotten virtues, I’ve decided to “go for the gold” in my quilt projects.

Here is my new favorite shade in a “modern” quilt block.

This block is part of my new quilt project, a simple but awesome pattern from City Quilts. I am in love with this book and the colors that quilt artist Cherri House chose for her pieces! She focuses on bright solids. The book’s been my bedtime reading lately, and the beauty of it positively keeps me up at night.

Here are a few more of the solid colors involved in this project. The gold really makes the pinks, purples and reds pop, don’t you think?

I also have another quilt in the works (my house top blocks) that combines yellow, gold, pink, red and purple, so I must be an analogous-color kind of girl these days. Come to think of it, I’m using the whole range of colors on the “warm” side of the spectrum.

Since this is another gift quilt, I’m keeping the rest under wraps for now. More to come!


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